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iPinYou is growing rapidly and becoming the most valuable Internet technology company. Looking back, we have gained numerous honors, recognitions and supports; moving forward, we will devote ourselves in creating a brighter future. We believe that the future of advertising lies in data and technology. We would like to join hands with you and to build an intelligent new era of digital advertising together..

128 National and Global Awards 35 Golden Campaign Awards 27 Annual Performance Awards

  • The Great Wall Golden Partner Award

    China Advertising Association

  • Most Promising Startup Company 21 Future Stars

    China Entrepreneur Magazine

  • China Outstanding Digital Marketing Innovation Award

    Digital Marketing Committee of China(DMCC)

  • APAC A-List Fame Hall: Grace Huang

    Campaign Magazine

  • Outstanding SME Entrepreneur Award

    China SME Entrepreneurs' Annual Conference Committee

  • China Best DSP Algorithm Award


  • Innovative Marketing Product Award

    V-Marketing China Magazine

  • Best of the Year Online Marketing Tool Award

    Golden Mouse Committee

  • Advertisers' Favorite Supplier

    China Association of National Advertisers

  • Best Mobile Marketing Service Provider Award

    Analysys International

  • IAI Outstanding Case Award

    International Advertising Award (IAI)

  • CMO Favorite AI Tool Award: MIP Intelligent Business Solution Platform

    CMO Club

  • Artificial Intelligence Marketing Trend Leader


  • Best Internet Marketing Performance Award


  • TopDigital Innovation Award


  • The Dark Horse Competition Season Ⅱ Top 50 Award

    The Founder Magazine

  • 2014 &2016 Best Programmatic Buying Platform of the Year

    Google DoubleClick

  • E-commerce Marketing Technology Star Award

    Analysys International

  • Highest Market Value Platform Award

    Golden Vision Award

  • Golden Vision Award

    DCCI Internet Data Center

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