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Connecting Brands with Chinese Consumers

Since its establishment in 2008, iPinYou has set its sights on being China's leading AI business solution platform through its cutting-edge big data and artificial intelligence technologies.


Digital marketing solutions present the biggest opportunity, and the market is enormous. Having the top big data analysis and machine learning algorithm R&D team in China, iPinYou was the first to introduce big data research methodologies into the field of advertising technology. The company provides a world class real-time bidding architecture and algorithm, along with advanced audience analysis patents (DAAT). Through strategic collaborations with third-party data providers including telecommunication carriers, iPinYou has given its platform an advantageous position in China's fast moving internet industry. The company is working with increasingly more clients from Asia, Europe, and North America, offering a one-stop marketing intelligence platform.


In 2011, iPinYou was the first to launch the real-time bidding advertising system in China. In 2012, as a pioneer in audience labeling, iPinYou launched the first consumer profiling system for digital marketing in China (DAAT), which was later granted a national patent. In 2016, iPinYou launched its fully transparent trading platform - Optimus Prime, which ensures brand safety and transparency in a systematic way. In 2017, iPinYou launched the artificial intelligence solutions platform – Marketing Intelligence Platform (MIP), which enables all brands with AI capabilities. Marketing intelligence can be applied across numerous industries, and iPinYou's big data and AI platform is currently processing petabytes of data every day, and 400,000 queries per second (QPS).


Today, iPinYou has 59.8% market share in China's programmatic advertising market. As of December 2016, iPinYou has provided digital advertising services for over 1,800 clients across various industries including e-commerce, FMCG, automobile, IT, finance, tourism, real estate and games. More than 300 of the Fortune 500 companies, including Unilever, General Motors, Walmart, and Toyota have all collaborated with iPinYou. The company has also helped build DMP platforms for over ten clients and developed a series of intelligent marketing solutions. iPinYou has been recognized as the best programmatic marketing partner by ad exchanges such as Google, Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. The company won multiple golden awards at the China International Advertising Festival, the Greatwall Awards, and the ROI Festival.


iPinYou has started to use artificial intelligence and big data technologies to help decision makers increase decision-making efficiency and boost intelligentization in the finance and public affairs sectors.

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