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iPinYou's Data Management Platform (DMP) solutions help advertisers by integrating 1st party CRM, 2nd party campaign and 3rd party data in real-time to maximize large-scale advertising targeting effectiveness and create scientific audience classification models

Our Strengths
  • Unique Data Resources Unique Data Resources Tightly integrate mobile carrier data, offline consumption data, and historical campaign data to build a 360-degree customer profile that improves personalization and targeting in real time
  • Valuable Data Insights Valuable Data Insights Leverage campaign data and exclusive data sources to conduct audience analytics that understand & optimize performance across all tactics
  • Lookalike Modeling Lookalike Modeling Expand target pool via the use of lookalike model to reach new audiences whose interests are highly similar of those of the core audience
  • Data Transparency Data Transparency Gain full visibility into campaign data and media sources
  • Technical Expertise Technical Expertise Years of experience in data management enables iPinYou to help advertisers with structured data collection and organization at scale
  • Customer Journey Analysis

    Conduct customer journey analysis and multi-touch attribution to understand & optimize performance across all tactics

  • Lookalike Modeling

    Find similarities among seed audiences to identify new target audiences by using the insights and behaviors of seed audiences

  • Optimization

    Analyze campaign data in-depth to determine the optimal combination of audience, media, message and budget allocation

  • Intelligent Attribution

    Adjust budget allocation, pacing, media selection, and audience filtering to ensure the best outcome


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