Real-time bidding (RTB) refers to the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur in the time it takes a webpage to load.

To help advertisers navigate through the complicated Chinese media landscape, iPinYou’s demand side platform (DSP) enables advertisers to programmatically buy inventory across nearly every media site in China. iPinYou is well recognized for its expertise in programmatic buying technologies specific to the Chinese media environment.

Our platform is integrated with all major Chinese ad exchanges, provides seamless access to PC, video, mobile, and social media inventory as well as in-depth 3rd party Chinese consumer data. With our media inventory and audience profiling technologies, advertisers are able to better engage their target audiences and increase their advertising efficiency in China.


Covers 95% of Domestic Internet Users, across PC, Mobile and Video

  • Access to 200,000+ websites in China including all of the top 100 sites (Ex:,,
  • 12 billion daily impressions
  • Supports both post-click and post-landing retargeting strategies
  • Extensive coverage of China’s leading video sites (Ex: iQiyi, Tudou, Sina Video, Tencent Video, Youku)
  • 4 billion daily impressions
  • Supports both pre-roll and mid-roll inventory on PC and Mobile
  • Integrated with over 500,000+ major mobile apps which cover 90%+ of mobile users in China. (Ex: PPS.TV, WeChat, NetEase)
  • 10 billion daily impressions
  • Supports native advertising on both news and feeds apps (Ex: Toutiao, QQ News, Sohu News, iFeng News and Yidian News)



Maximized advertising performance

  • Cross PC+Video+Mobile
  • Contain all kinds of digital display Ads
  • Innovative Digital Advertising Audience Taxonomy
  • Patent Crowd Analysis Model system
  • 6000+tags
  • Optimal intelligent bidding algorithms
  • Industry leader in bid buying efficiency
  • Being the first to establish Hadoop Cloud Computing Platform
  • The domestic pioneer of bringing in advertising environment in China
  • Brand Safety and Viewability guarantee
  • Advocates to build a transparent advertising ecosystem environment with sustainable development