3 Advantages to Maximize Clients’ Overall ROI in China Market


iPinYou has 3 advantages to maximize clients’ overall ROI in China market.Premium Media Site、Creative Rotation、Data Integration。

How iPinYou Helped Advertisers Stand Out from the Competitors during Singles' Day


As a leading data driven programmatic buying company in China, iPinYou utilized strategy and experience for its clients by fighting the Singles' Day battle alongside, which brought the clients glorious victory.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step: iPinYou Connects International Brands with Chinese Tourists


With extensive experiences in the travel industry, iPinYou helps travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and entertainment venues expand their businesses in China.

Passengers Fly, Airlines Soar: Airlines Partner with iPinYou to Boost Business in China


With extensive experiences in the travel industry, iPinYou's capability helps airlines to reach their market capacity in China. Partnering with iPinYou, airlines enjoy more efficient and effective outcomes through advanced technology in programmatic buying.

Programmatic Advertising in China - iPinYou's Data Driven Approach to Market Analysis and Audience Insights for the World's Largest Consumer Market


As China's leading DSP, iPinYou helps global brands identify, analyze, and engage Chinese consumers and succeed in the China market.